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Branding for Leeds-based radio station Sable Radio

Wordmark, identity system, and website wireframe

June 2019

Logo For Use (off white).png
Semi Circle.png
Poster 2-min.jpg
Poster 1-min.jpg
Poster 3-min.jpg
Instagram 1-min.jpg
Instagram 2-min.jpg
Poster 6-min.jpg
Poster 5-min.jpg
Poster 4-min.jpg
Instagram 3-min.jpg
Instagram 4-min.jpg
Website 2-min.jpg
Website 1-min.jpg

The rebrand of Sable Radio incorporated custom typography drawn from the original branding, as well as a new shape-based identity system that will provide the client with the tools to continue building the brand as

they expand outward from radio and into workshops and other events.

The diamond shape taken from the symbolism of Yorkshire heraldry forms the centre point of the identity, reflecting the locality and community of the station. 

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